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Our Services

At SGV we achieve quality results with professional events, direct marketing, sales promotions and brand awareness campaigns. We work with our clients at a local and national scale and have the potential to acquire any market anywhere. We work only with Fortune 500 companies and they continue to work with us simply because we exceed their expectations and deliver the required results. We custom-build marketing campaigns and strategies based on the needs of our clients.

We specialize and have expertise in:

  • Customer service and satisfied customers
  • Creating brand loyalty
  • Acquiring new markets
  • Specializing in and expanding existing markets
  • Utilizing innovative sales strategies to increase consumer base
  • Guaranteed ROI for clients
  • Events and promotions
  • Business to consumer and business to business
  • Offering top quality in house training to employees
  • Creating a plethora of opportunities to succeed for our employees and providing the necessary experience for them to do so


We are unique and by that we don’t mean that we’re unicorns; we are unique because we separate ourselves from other similar businesses by offering clients quality and success and by creating an infinite potential for growth within our own company through our very talented and skilled employees. We provide exemplary training and experience for young, goal-orientated and fun-loving professionals.

We work with our clients and help them plan campaigns that have good track records of success. We work closely with our employees and help them plan their futures as the future of our company as prospective executives. Our trained representatives are not only extremely driven to ensure that the clients are happy, but they’re highly motivated to reach their goals as well.