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SGV participates in and organizes a bunch of interesting events that allow our representatives to not only loosen their ties and have a good time but to also learn immensely in the process.
Past Events :

Leadership Conferences in Philadelphia and Connecticut

In April, we attended a few leadership conferences in Connecticut and Philadelphia where our team got to engage and interact with top CEO’s from all over the country and learn from other teams as well. Top performers from were given recognition as well.

UK Leadership Seminar

Our management team and top performers travelled to London in May to network with some industry leaders and share best practices.  Not only did they grow a lot professionally but they got to immerse themselves in English culture seeing everything from Big Ben to the Stonehenge.

Network Events

At SGV we believe in work hard and play hard. Once a week after office hours, our team heads out to relax with their peers and have a chance to pick the brains of top managers or well to simply have a good time.  These are great networking opportunities and also a great way to get to know your co – workers!

Upcoming Events : 

4th of July BBQ

Every year on the 4th of July, SGV hosts a rooftop BBQ and everyone from the office is invited. It’s a great chance to have fun outside of the office with the friends we make in the office and of course eat and watch the fireworks too!

Awards Ceremony – July 11th

SGV Marketing will be attending an awards ceremony where the Industry leaders will be receiving awards for a record-breaking year.  We will also get a chance to hear from top leaders, performers, and motivational speakers.

Six Flags Outing

On August 2nd, we are taking a company trip to Six Flags Great Adventure!  Some are really excited to go on Kingda Ka while others feel El Toro is the best ride.  Keep  an eye out for pictures!