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About us


The United States market is growing exponentially at a rapid scale and with this comes the need for quality marketing, guaranteed results, brand and customer loyalty and assured success. At SGV Marketing we are that new breed of marketing consultancy firm that specializes in making connections between people and top global brands. Located in the heart of New York, in the busy hub of Times Square, we specialize in promotions and events. By working closely with our clients, harnessing the power of comprehensive data and engaging innovative and transformative ideas to get the results our clients require, we assure that we achieve nothing less than success. We have expertise in understanding target markets, consumer trends, as well as giving back to our communities.

What separates us from the rest? With a history of innovation and success, SGV doesn’t simply follow best practices; we create them and set the trends. Our employees have an interactive experience with top brands and clients from around the world. They are that warm smile and firm handshake behind the products and services.

At SGV we specialize in creating a consumer base for our clients through creative business strategies and effective sales techniques. We ensure that our clients understand their target market, consumer trends and we help them produce measurable results. We specialize in customer service, acquisition of new markets and expansion of current markets. We tailor solutions for our clients and help them achieve them. Whether is quality or quantity that our clients seek, we ensure that we bring both to them. We also help our clients cut costs and increase their turnover and results.


Our mission is to be a high performance-based and results-based marketing consultancy firm that exceeds client and customer expectations, provides an enriching and rewarding environment for employees while serving and supporting communities. SGV’s mission is to provide effective solutions through innovative strategies for clients, develop and maximize human potential and ensure success for the company and our clients.


Creating solid and long-lasting partnerships with our clients is critical to our success and that of our clients. Already having penetrated the national market and attaining a great reputation, SGV also has the potential to expand beyond borders. Making sure our clients are satisfied guarantees our success as a result.

Core Values:

  1. Build and maintain strong, positive and honest relationships with clients and employees
  2. Recruit fast paced innovators and self-starters
  3. Offer quality and accountable results for clients
  4. Work in a professional and consumer-friendly manner
  5. Provide opportunities and the space for individuals in our company to learn and grow